Supporting Springwater

Supporting the school through charitable gifts, event participation, and volunteer time all create the strong community that exists at Springwater today. All families are expected to contribute in the following ways. Three ways families can give to Springwater:

Thank You!

1. Charitable Gift

Donations help support our school’s annual operating costs, artists in residence program, portable leases, outdoor school, facility improvements, training and development opportunities for staff, etc. Each year, the goal of this campaign will be 100% participation for all families. Gifts of any size and from any source (family and relatives, neighbors and friends, employers and local businesses) are meaningful.  Giving Program

2. Event Participation

This four major fundraising events that support Springwater’s continued operation are: Bingo Night, Annual Auction, and Jog-A-Thon. The Annual Auction depends upon the generous donation of goods and services from you, as well as a strong volunteer base to plan and implement the event. Please contact the event coordinators to contribute your time, ideas, auction items, and support in any way you can.

3. Time

Many families participate in our students’ daily educational programs and activities in a wide variety of ways. Whether volunteering in the classroom, serving on one of our committees, or helping to keep Springwater’s facilities and grounds up and running, the donation of your time to Springwater strengthens our community and enables the different skills, abilities, and interests of our parent community to be shared with the school and its students. Please consider volunteering:

  • In the classrooms
  • During Friday Field Studies
  • As a lunch duty volunteer
  • In our reading intervention program
  • As a room parent or on Parent Council
  • On the fundraising, technology, safety and facilities committees
  • In the school garden or helping to mow, weed, and maintain the school grounds
  • In planning and accompanying the upper grades’ Outdoor Schools
  • In many, many other ways, see the Volunteer Page for ideas and contacts

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